Sarah regularly exhibits her work. Sometimes in bigger exhibitions, sometimes specifically chosen creations in a company or business. All available artwork can be viewed in Sarah’s studio and can be purchased or leased. All available works can be viewed there by appointment and can be purchased or leased. If you want to make an appointment or would like more information, contact Sarah.

The Vibe Tremelo

Pop Up restaurant
The food Lounge

YUP Tremelo

Clothing store – http://yuptremelo.be
Schrieksebaan 29, B-3120 Tremelo

Town hall Tremelo​

Exposition “Changing Perceptions” (2014)

Christmas market Tremelo


SOUL and ART (16 January 2014)
Music: Billie Kawende & Meeyah Woofersson
Expo: Veerle Schelkens & Sarah Versteele


Jewelry store
Schrieksebaan 65, B-3120 Tremelo


Koningin Astridlaan 105, B-8200 Brugge

Versteele Consulting BVBA

Kruishoevestraat 11 A, B-3140 Keerbergen

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